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Privately owned DGCA Approved  Airport for exclusive use of Academy

Shirpur is quiet serene town located on Mumbai- Agra Highway (NH3) surrounded by well lit roads, natural greenery and pollution free environment. The weather is fit for flying training. It makes the stay comfortable with April temperature touching a maximum of 39°C only.

Shirpur is centrally located. This gives us the advantage to fly over various terrains and a wide variety of airports for cross country flights. Operating out of a private airport dedicated to flight training guarantees providing priority to our aircraft reducing the time spent on the tarmac burning fuel.

The airport at Shirpur has the following features:

  1. Privately owned DGCA approved airport for exclusive use of Academy.
  2. Air Conditioned crew rest room and class room.
  3. Experienced Instructors & Maintenance staff.
  4. Brand New Cessna 172 R - Glass Cockpit Airplanes.
  5. Dedicated Air traffic control tower.
  6. NDB navigational Aid.
  7. Night flying with electrical flare path.
  8. Safe runway length.
  9. Proximity to other airports.
  10. Emergency & utility vehicles.
  11. Aesthetic Surroundings.
  12. Hangar - A State-of-the-art, well ventilated and exceedingly well maintained hangar.
  13. Large and well lit Tarmac.
  14. Cafeteria at the Airport.
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